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ビルボードプレイス / Billboard shopping complex

新潟の最新ファッションを発信する複合ビル / Shopping Complex that provides Niigata's New Trend

シネマコンプレックスも入ったおしゃれな複合ビル / BP including cineplex

Billboard Place (a.k.a BP) has various boutiques for both men and women, novelty stores, restaurants, cafes, a tea house, a cinema complex, and so on. It is fun to just look around!!

フロアガイド (BP) / Floor Guide for BP

1F SHIPS ('STYLISH STANDARD' outfits for both men and women)
  Tomorrow Land (Women's outfits)
  Croon A Song (Outfits for both men and women)
  Flea Store (bags, accessories, wallets, etc. for women)
  Adam et Ropé (Outfits for both men and women)
  Odette é odile United Arrows (Women's footwear)
  PLAZA (Import Goods)
  Levi's Store NIIGATA
  Lion Heart (Accessories)
  BP Cafe (Asian Dish)
  United Arrows (Outfits for both men and women)
  Beauty & Youth United Arrows
  MEDIA BAR (cafe: internet is available)
  Rancontre par la table (Bread, import cheese, etc.)
  Wine Shop ENOTECA

2F BP Information desk
  Spic & Span (import and original outfits for both men and women)
  uni:que par vert dance (women's casual outfits)
  H.A.K (outfits for both men and women)
  THREEC bandai (outfits for both men and women)
  nano universe (original, import, and domestic outfits for both men and women)
  Abahouse Devinette (women's outfits)
  MARY QUANT (cosmetics and women's outfits)
  aqua girl (women's outfits)
  chambre de nîmes (french casual)
  KLEIN PLUS/MK homme (women's outfits)
  MARKS & WEB (aroma oil, organic sops, etc.)
  TIC TAC (watches)
  East Boy family (outfits for both men,women, and kids)
  Café Comme ça
  Disney Store
  mono mono (novelty store)
  la chambre d'ine (women's outfits)
  PAGE BOY (women's outfits)
  OZOC (outfits)
  iimk (women's outfits)
  DóRa in Avanti (bags and hats)
  Timberland (Men's outfits)

3F Fresh Tea LUPICIA
  ABAHOUSE (Men's outfits)
  JUNMEN (Men's outfits)
  abx. (Men's outfits)
  BREE (leather goods)
  無印良品 / Mujirushi Ryouhin (No Name) (general merchandise and stationary)
  nail DECO
  COLLECTORS (gloves, scarves, wallets, etc.)
  BEAVER (unique outfits)
  空(クウ)/Ku(empty) (outfits for both men and women: L.A. brand)
  stéelgenic (accessories)
  Blue Bleuet (footwear, blankets, etc.)
  Braga (women's outfits)
  override (caps and hats)
  POKER (glasses and sunglasses)
  M-O-R-G-A-N homme (Men's outfits)
  BOYCOTT (Men's outfits)
  AVIRES Comfort (outfits for both men and women)
  ムラサキスポーツ / Murasaki Sports)
  VJUAGE VANGUARD (novelty store)
  島村楽器 (Shimamura music instruments)
  RAGEBLUE (men's outfits)
  AIGLE (outfits for outdoor)
  STONE WORLD (stone accessories)

フロアガイド (BP2) / Floor Guide for BP2

1F カプリチョーザ / Caprichoza (Italian Restaurant)
  VIS (women's outfits)
  新星堂 / SHINSEIDO (CDs and DVDs)
  Beach Sound (sarf brand)

2F TAYA (beauty parlor) 
  万代りゅうとあん / Ryutoan (Izakaya)
  booTH (Dining bar)
  御厨座 / MIKURIZA (Izakaya)
  Cape&Vino BACARO (Casual Italian and wine)
  Sports café MILAN

3F T.JOY (cineplex) 


【住所/address】 〒950-0088 新潟市中央区八千代2-1-2 / 2-1-2 Yachiyo Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi 【お問い合わせ電話番号/tel】 TEL.025-240-4600 【営業時間/time】 平日/ weekdays 11:00 ~ 20:00 土・日・祝/weekends and holidays 10:00 ~ 20:00 【アクセス方法/access】 新潟駅からBP2行き100円バス毎日運行(小人半額)/ Take a bus for BP2 at Niigata Station. The fare is 100 yen per adult (half price for kids), and the bus runs every day. 【駐車場/parking】 3000台(30分 210円) 【HP】

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